Saturday, February 13, 2010

Kearsarge Happenings: "A New Face on Main Street"

by Kay Steen

There's a new face (facade) on 21 East Main Street. After 204 years of enduring slippery front steps and rain dripping down from the roof unto guests arriving at the front door, this beautiful old building finally has a "canopy" over the front entrance.
Abby Waldron, architect from Bradford, drew up the plans after researching plans of other homes from the early 1800s.
Jack Sheehan, with assistant Cameron O'Neil, made it all happen.
Jack Sheehan is well known for his meticulous work - the new granite bases for the canopy's pillars are set to within an inch of the height of the granite blocks at the base of the building! After a few months of careful yogurt "feedings", the granite will have a gentle coating of moss to resemble the 200 years old foundation stones. If anyone looks up, under the copper roof of the canopy, he will notice the dental moldings placed just like the ones under the main roof. These were hand cut by Jack and Cameron, and they were sized perfectly to match the originals which are much higher (and larger). These two guys are a genius team!! (I shouldn't praise them in public because then they'll be too busy with new jobs to work on my projects.)
I must also praise Abby's work - her plans are absolutely perfect from all angles, and she even made cross-sectional diagrams to help the builders. What a team! 
Now the front of the building is a proper match for the east lawn, where Tattoo Gnu and her two friends have decided to reside. They seem very happy here, and they look lovely against the pure white snow. When Spring comes, they will gambol among the daffodils and violets. The faeries who live in the fairy houses that were created at last year's Spring Into Warner festival find the gnus lots of fun on moonlit nights.


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