Thursday, September 2, 2010

Warner Cooperative Preschool Classes Start Soon

"A cooperative preschool is a not for profit school which is run by the families of the children who go to the school. The families who are presently enrolled in the school are the owners of the school. The WCP is funded and run entirely by its members. Families are directly involved in all aspects of the school. This creates special advantages as well as extra responsibilities for every family with an enrolled child.

The teacher is hired and paid by the parents in the preschool and implements a developmentally appropriate curriculum based on an outline provided by the board of directors. However, parents are encouraged to provide input and share their talents and cultures to supplement the planned curriculum."
Rachel Ensign (Head Teacher):
Mrs. Ensign lives in Wilmot with her husband, Peter, 2 dogs, her cat, her bunny and her fish. She is a graduate of Colby-Sawyer College and has a Bachelor of Science in child development. She has spent 5 years working in early childhood education settings. The bulk of her teaching experiences come from teaching at Colby-Sawyers lab school, Windy Hill. She enjoys photography, going on walks and being at home with her family. Rachel looks forward to providing a safe, nurturing and cheerful environment in which your children will develop and grow.
(-from the preschool's website)

 There are still a couple of spots available in the three year old's class. And according to my daughter, Lilah, this is the "most funnest" place to be. Even if you aren't 3 or 4 years old, or you don't have little children, there are still many ways you can help show your support for this amazing little preschool. Buy a pie or two at the Fall Foliage Festival (or three, they are really good pies - all home-made!). Purchase raffle tickets in November at sites around town including Market Basket. Create Holiday projects during the Holiday Shopping Tour, and more fun projects and face painting during Spring Into Warner.
Take a look at the Warner Cooperative Preschool website for more information!

- Sandy Bartholomew


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