Friday, March 29, 2013

New Field for Simonds School

Spring has arrived and so will a new grassy field for Simonds School and the Town of Warner.

The purpose of the construction is to provide a safe area of playing and learning for Simonds School students as well as improving the school bus road. Plans are underway to begin construction of the new bus route consisting of blue stone and a new sidewalk to provide an entrance and exit for students riding the bus. Several options were presented and discussed for the bus road. Safety is the first priority and, ultimately, all the personnel involved in the decision process deemed the bus road staying on the playground of Simonds was the most safe.

The field will have an irrigation system installed with new grass. The facilities manager hopes to begin construction as soon as the snow melts. The contractor will determine the timeline of construction and how long the field will need to seed and grow before use is allowed.
The new and updated field will allow for after school sports activities such as the popular Spring Soccer Clinic offered through Warner Youth Sports Association and after school hours use by the Boys and Girls Club. In addition, the field will provide space for residents of Warner to have a substantial field within walking distance of downtown for picnics and light recreation.

During the Fall Foliage Festival, the field would provide space for picnic tables for dining as well as spots for artisans and community organizations to sell goods. Please stop by Simonds School to see the plans for the field and enjoy the space when the construction is finished.

On behalf of the Simonds School Principal Advisory Committee,

Lynn B. Madigan


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