Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Warner Blog

Hello and welcome (back) to the Warner Blog.
There have been a lot of changes in Warner in the past few years and it seemed like a good time to resurrect this site. It was originally started to be a companion to the Kearsarge Connection newspaper - which became Kearsarge Happenings - and was published by the Warner Retailers Group. When the Warner Business Association merged with the Kearsarge Area Chamber of Commerce, the newspaper went with it, covering a much larger region.

It is hoped that this blog will serve as an online "newspaper" for the Warner area and that other towns in the KACC realm will also create their own town blogs - and link them together.

If you have news you would like posted here, you can email it to me (Sandy Bartholomew) or one of the other Contributors (listed on the sidebar). Just email the text and any images in jpeg format, and any useful links, and we'll take care of it. If you would like to post your news yourself, and on a regular basis, email me and I will set you up as an "author" on the blog (it's easy). Any events you would like added to the calendar (in the sidebar) should go to Nancy Ladd at the library.

If you sign up for email updates (box in the sidebar), any posts added here in the future, will magically show up in your email inbox. At least, they should... I think I worked out the kinks....

It would be fabulous, and helpful for everyone in town, if groups, businesses, and organizations like the Girl Scouts, the library, the school, the church, sports groups, etc. posted their upcoming events, fundraisers, successes... happy thoughts. But individuals are also welcome to announce good news, promotions, brag about your kids, all that. Articles by kids would be fabulous too - book and movie reviews?

I left many of the older posts active, so take a look at them to give you ideas for new posts.

The only rules are:
• Keep it positive. No "Letters to the editor"-type posts with venting.
• Memorials, funeral announcements, requests for aid or donations are also fine.
• Spell check, and read through your post a few times before sending it out into the world.
• Please don't add any formatting to your text - no fancy fonts, colors, etc.

If you need something scanned, or have other questions, I'm available most Fridays at my studio, The BeeHive, on Main Street, between 3 and 9pm.


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