Friday, February 28, 2014

What is the Cost of Common Core?

The Kearsarge District budgets annually for Professional Development funds for the teachers, standardized testing funds and textbook purchasing funds.  When you hear that there is an additional cost of a million-or-so dollars attached to implementing Common Core, it just is not true.
We have been preparing for Common Core for three years. It is like turning a huge ship, not a speed boat, we are currently piloting a new Math program in the district this year. The books are labeled "aligned with Common Core." These math books were scheduled when I started as a board member 3-years ago, to be purchased and cycled in this year. When the district wants to change a curriculum and purchase books they stagger the year they will buy them so as not to incur increased costs with multiple curricula, all at once. The previous three years we have been spreading out the cost of books, program changes, teacher development and technology updates.
We will not be spending more money than we normally spend in a year to implement Common Core.
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Thank you.
Janice Loz
School Board member - Warner


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