Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Bible Class at Library

LEARN to READ the BIBLE Effectively- FREE 6 Week Seminar
starts Monday November 3rd 
at the Pillsbury Free Library- Frank Maria Room @ 7pm

Have you ever opened the pages of the most widely read book on the planet and felt overwhelmed?  Perhaps you are confused at how there can be one book and so many different interpretations.  Maybe you have been studying this book for years and are still looking for ways to uncover more layers of insight....then this FREE six week seminar is for you!  Join us as we host concise informative sessions designed to help you learn to read the Bible effectively.  This exciting seminar series is free from any church doctrine and is designed exclusively to help you learn to read the Bible for YOURSELF!  You will learn to come to your own conclusions about the lessons and worth contained in the pages of this treasured book.

These exciting sessions are scheduled to take place Monday evenings from 7-8:30pm in the Frank Maria room at the Pillsbury Free Library in Warner NH.  The first session begins Monday November 3rd and lasts through Monday December 8th.  Mr. Steve Smith and Mr. Josh McInturff, two lifelong Bible students, are looking forward to sharing insightful tips and tools to help others uncover the marvels of this unique book.  Walk-ins are welcome but registration is recommended to assure there will be enough of the free materials for all.  You can register by sending your name and number of attendees to [email protected] This is a great event to sign up with a friend for, and enjoy an informative and friendly night out each week.


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