Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Warner Street sweeping schedule

2017 Street Sweeping Schedule
(weather permitting/subject to change)


Main Street
Church Street
Mill Street
Depot Street
Kearsarge Street Extention
Cemetery Street
Library Parking lot
Fire Station
Town Hall
Cap Building
Chemical Road
West Joppa to Covered Bridge
Pine Grove Cemetery Road


Kearsarge Mountain Road to top Tory Hill
Latting Lane
Highlawn StRroeeatd
Chase Farm Road
Dannyboy Lane
Pattee Road
Apple Pond Lane
Kirtland Street
Roslyn Ave.
Geneva Street
School Street
Denny Hill Road
Old Main Street


North Village Road
Waldron Hill Road
Bean Road
Police Station
Split Rock Road
North Road
Waterloo Street
Newmarket Road to Covered Bridge.
East Sutton Road to Town Line
Runnells Loop
Burnt Hill Court
Pumpkin Hill Road
Burnt Hill Road


Farrell Loop
Red Chimney
Iron Kettle
East Joppa
Pleasant Lake Road
Clement Hill Road
Old Warner Lane
Warner Road
Diamond Lane
Annis Loop
Tom's Pond Hot Top
Melvin Mills
Bible Hill Road
Melvin Road
Collins Road
Newmarket Road
Horne Street Hot Top
West Roby District
Bean Rd covered bridge end
Willoby Colby Hot Top

Posted April 7, 2017


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