Friday, July 14, 2017

Author Mary Azarian July 22

Tory Hill Author Series
7 pm Saturday, July 22
Warner Town Hall

Mary Azarian 

PictureI began making woodcut prints in 1968 in a small room in my home and decided to call my studio Farmhouse Press since that was an accurate description of the modest setting for my business.
From the beginning, I was determined to make my work depict the landscape surrounding my home on our hill farm in Vermont and the work (and play) that are required to sustain a rural life. I am tempted to call it a simple life, but that would hardly be accurate.
I wanted to make my work affordable and decided that it would be a one-woman operation. So when you order a print from me, it will be printed, hand painted, packaged and shipped by me. I print and paint each print when I receive the order. In addition to producing prints and note cards, I have illustrated more than 50 books, including Snowflake Bentley, which won the 1999 Caldecott Award for the best illustrated picture book of the year.
​After many years of producing hand painted prints, I returned to the design of black and white woodcuts based on my experience of 50 years of printmaking. I am especially interested in working with simple shapes.


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