Thursday, July 5, 2018

Artist reception at Mt. Kearsarge Indian Museum

We invite you to join us at the Mt. Kearsarge Indian Museum, 18 Highlawn Rd (off Kearsarge Mountain Rd. )  the evening of Friday, July 13th @ 7 pm in the auditorium for a reception for these two exceptional artists.
Jacob “Yellow Eagle” Ginga and his mother, Faith “Wildflower” Bullock, create beautiful and aesthetically similar artwork. In this exhibition, each artist created individual work inspired by their Native Heritage while also working collaboratively on a series of paintings. Both artists favor wood as a painting surface, Faith often manipulated the wood into feather shapes before adorning them with colorful patterns and striking designs, while on the other side Jacob creates abstract but intricate portraits with vibrant colors and a combination of Native and Contemporary design influences. In between the two individual artist’s work is the collection of paintings created collaboratively, each work having traveled thousands of miles from Stonewall, TX to New Bedford, MA and back several times before completion. This exhibition represents the work of two Native artists, a mother and a son, sharing their passion and connection, and closing the gap between them.


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