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Honor the Children Day at Indian Museum August 11, 2018

Honor the Children Day at Mt. Kearsarge Indian Museum, Saturday 11th August.

How much do we value our children? Parents will immediately respond, ‘priceless!’, and that goes without saying. Our children are our most precious gift and through our children, we will live on into the future. Native Americans speak about seven generations and strive to live, work and make decisions for the benefit of their next seven generations. It is an ancient tradition such that we ourselves are someone’s seventh generation. They prepared the world for us as we do the same for our progeny. It a principle, Native or not, all parents understand. The child archetype connects to each of us in a personal way as well. We were all children once and we can perhaps remember the innocence and freedom. It’s good to ask ourselves whether we still know how to laugh and enjoy life.

Honor the Children Day is exclusively sponsored by the Board of Trustees at Mt. Kearsarge Indian Museum in Warner, New Hampshire. The Museum is celebrating children of the past, current and future with a special event to be held at the Museum on Saturday 11th August from 10am until 3pm. Honor the Children Day is a day for children of all ages and cultures to come and have fun at the Museum. They can learn to make rattles, listen to a traditional storyteller, play games, enjoy a variety of crafts and hear a Native American Elder share with the children. Older children, under supervision, can learn how to throw a tomahawk, maybe even parents can try too. Later in the afternoon, the children can do the ‘Honor Dance’, using the very same rattles they have made themselves.

It is a day to bring everyone together to have fun and enjoy being outdoors in the wonderful New Hampshire summer. Because the Board of Trustees is sponsoring this special day, admission to the event is free. Bring along a picnic lunch and enjoy the entire day!

For more details call the Museum at 603-456-2600, email [email protected], or visit our website www.indianmuseum.org.

Julia Bender 
Membership Coordinator
Mt. Kearsarge Indian Museum
PO Box 142
Warner, NH 03278


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