Sunday, July 7, 2013

Terry's Mini Tangled Retreat - Rescheduled

(This workshop has been rescheduled for Sept. 28th)

What is the Zentangle Method?   
Zentangle is a mindful creative activity that uses repetitive patterns to create art.  As a mindful activity it helps with confidence, concentration, lowers stress and is just fun.  Anyone who can hold a pen can do Zentangle.
I will be offering a Zentangle® Retreat (i.e. a day long event to learn new tangles, techniques, and media and share with others who enjoy the Zentangle Method) on July 27th at the BeeHive Studio in Warner.  The retreat is called, "Terry's Mini Tangled Retreat" and is for anyone who has taken a class or been learning from the internet, and wants more, or wants to connect with other Zentangle enthusiasts.
Sandy Steen Bartholomew also did a post about me on her blog at  and specific details of the class are at
- Terry Hathaway


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