Thursday, July 18, 2013

United Church of Warner Cookbook

A group of people are putting together a long-awaited cookbook. All proceeds from this venture will be given to Pastor Bob's "Run Fund",  "Run to UCW's Future". We are looking for recipes from everyone for everything - Appetizers and Snacks, Entrees, Casseroles, Soups and Salads, Desserts, Holiday Menus and specialties, 'Memory' recipes(from Mom or Grandmom), Side dishes/Vegetables, Healthy and Specialty recipes(diabetic, low carb, etc) and those famous Church Supper offerings! We want all your favorites! We ask that you share as few or as many recipes as you like, not to exceed ten recipes. If you have any 'cooking, eating or otherwise' humorous or memorable moments at the church that might add to the 'historical and memorable' flavor of the cookbook, you might share those also. If anybody remembers the church doing this in the past, we would enjoy referring to a copy. Please include any memorable recipes of the past (and give credit to the appropriate person). You may write or type your recipe clearly with accurate ingredients and directions. Recipes and quips can be given to Ginger at the bank or left at the church office(in the mail box in Fellowship Hall or in the mail slot at the Parish House door), or emailed directly to the church([email protected]). We would like to have recipes by August 31st. Please note your name in case we need clarification. We reserve editorial rights(in case of duplicates, etc).

Be  part of the UCW's future - send your recipes today!!!


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