Friday, September 12, 2014

Warner Festival Needs Volunteers

Warner, NH - September 12, 2014

The Warner Fall Foliage Festival has been a New Hampshire tradition for nearly 70 years, and takes place on Columbus Day Weekend. This is Warner’s invitation for friends to visit, enjoy the vibrant colors around Mt. Kearsarge, and share in the community spirit. The festival strengthens the area’s economy by providing an outlet for local artisans, farmers, vendors and others to sell their products. Proceeds from the event help keep property taxes down by supporting local charities and projects.

The Warner Fall Foliage Festival is run entirely by volunteers. Good people from all walks of life are given festival tee shirts to wear when they park cars, cook chickens and burgers, sell tickets and keep the area clean. Their efforts help ensure that everyone enjoys the event.

“Volunteers are the ones who make it happen,” said Adam Bates, president of the festival board of directors. “If it wasn’t for them, there would be no festival and we wouldn’t be able to support some of the other organizations in town that are also volunteer driven.”

 “The level of personal commitment to this festival by each member of the board of directors has made a huge impact in the last two years. The festival is a major stimulus for keeping Warner so vibrant,” said Joan Saunders, vice president.

Because the Warner Fall Foliage Festival has grown a little each year, offering more, the need for volunteers is greater than ever before. If fewer volunteers come forward, more of the workload is shouldered by a smaller group, who quickly get burned out. The old adage “many hands make light work,” applies here.

“In the past ten years or so, the volunteer level has dropped significantly, which makes it more difficult to continue,” Bates said.

He is hoping that changes this year. The Warner Fall Foliage Festival needs volunteers. Adam Bates and his committee are asking all able-bodied Warner area residents to lend a hand this year to keep the festival alive.
Those willing to donate a couple of hours to this worthy cause may register on the website:
or call Beth Lukaitis at: 456-6268.


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